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I was digging around my mother’s-in-law attic the other day and I found something that neither of us expected to see. She had told me that she had a record player stand up in the attic her dad had made, but had totally forgotten that she also had a beautiful 1950’s RCA Victor Victrola hidden upstairs. I looked once, I looked twice. I could not believe that this fantastic piece had been tucked away up there all this time

So, as kind as my mother-in-law is, she allowed me to haul it down & take it home. As soon I could, I dusted it off & plugged it in. After a few tense moments of silence, that glorious low hum began to radiate from that beautiful old box. It certainly needs a bit of work, but it plays beautifully.

(amazing detail in the label)

(I love the dusty details)

(How awesome is this? “Tone of the Golden Throat”)

One of the things that I appreciate the most about the way they used to make things, was the attention to detail. The fact that they thought to put the RCA logo on the fuses, is just incredible!

From my limited research, I believe what I have here is a 1953 or 54 RCA 3HES5 Victor Victrola