One of my favorite flea markets to visit is a place called Todd’s Farm up the road a bit from my house. There is a great mix of eclectic vendors that come from all around to sell their dusty wares.
I picked up a few gems, but first, a tour of some of the interesting items I came across.

These are great. Take a close look at these not so 50s sayings. Love it!

Probably the coolest, longest salt & pepper shakers I have ever seen. To bad my wife’s allergic.

All you need is the man/woman for your One Man Band

. . . and I saved the best for last. This is the coolest outdoor lounge chair I have ever seen!

I can’t believe I had to pass this up. The guy only wanted $75 bucks for it, but there was no way that this beauty would fit on my car. Damn! So sad. I hope it found a good home.

Come back and visit & I will share the dusty treasures I brought home with me.